4 Ways You can be an Advocate

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Make it Count

When contacting legislators, follow these
tips for effective communication:

  • Direct all communication, especially written, to their Austin offices when in session.
  • Send letters at least three weeks before a vote.
  • If a vote is less than two weeks away, follow up with an email or fax.
  • Keep communication short and to the point.
  • Unsure what to say or don't have time to draft your own letter?  Use our scripts available to members here.

Nobody knows the pool and spa industry better than the professionals themselves. As an industry stakeholder, advocacy is not only your right but your responsibility. Here are 4 places you can start.

1. Join an APEC Committee  |  Committee members help in the coordination of advocacy efforts concerning particular policies and communicate with members in their areas to stay on top of local issues.

2. Communicate with Your Legislators  |  Your legislators want to hear from you. You are their insight into the pool and spa industry. Call, email, write, or fax your legislators to let them know the impact bills would have on our industry. Tell them how you would like them to vote and why. Don't know who to call? Visit www.capitol.state.tx.us to find who represents your area and their contact information. Consider attending town hall meetings and campaign fundraisers to meet legislators in person and solicit their support.

3. Support the Candidates Who Support Our Industry  |  Our greatest advocacy tool is our vote. Get to know the candidates for state office and back those who support the pool and spa industry or small business in general.

4. Stay Informed

  • Sign up at www.tdlr.state.tx.us to receive e-mails regarding Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation actions.
  • Review the Texas Administrative code for current standards relevant to pool and spa construction and maintenance. To search the TAC, select "TAC Viewer" at www.sos.state.tx.us/tac.
  • Sign up here to get APEC updates delivered directly to your inbox.

Ready to Take Your Involvement to the Next Level?

Become a Precinct Chair

The precinct is the most basic level of local government in Texas. Each county is divided into several precincts. Despite their low profile, a Precinct Chair can be very influential in a party's local politics. They communicate directly with the party's voters within the precinct, organizing and offering guidance. Because they sit on the Executive Committee, they actively help to mold the philosophy and direction of their party within their precinct. Precinct chairs are not paid, and serve for two years.


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